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Ashish Patra
Force No :
Rank :
Name Of Personnel :
Ashish Patra
Unit :
Next Of Kin :
Address :
Date Of Birth :
Date Of Martyrdom :
December 31, 2017
Decoration :

Brief of Incident :

Based on the input/information provided by Unit Int Cell and ASP (OPS) Gaya about presence of Naxal leader Sanjit Bhuiyan (SZCM) alongwith armed cadres (10-15) presently camping in Chakarbandha forest area near Villages Longorahi, Pachrukiya and Sagarpur, Kutwa Bathan and Bastariya Bathan, Distt. Gaya/Aurangabad (Bihar), Naxals suddenly open fire on our troops in which No. 115313464 CT/GD Ashish Patra of team No. 8 got bullet injury on his head. Our troops also exchange fire on the naxals. Due to effective retaliation by our troops, naxals fled away in the dense forest.
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