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Social Responsibility

Developmental Activities

Civic Action Programme

In addition to the operational activities to curb ant-social elements, CRPF conducts a lot of welfare activities for general public which is known as "Civic Action Program". These support activities not only help in effective control of anti-social activities by miscreants but also helps to bridge the gap between the villagers/local public and security personnel. Under its 'civic action programme', the force distributes blankets, medicines and various other essential commodities to villagers as per their requirement. There has been various initiatives which helped providing street lights, training for youth as security guards, providing elementary education etc.

Telemedicine project in Chattisgarh

Near absence of medical facilities in entire Bastar area both for citizens and CRPF.

Teams of AIIMS & CRPF doctors holdd telemedicine clinics every Monday and Thursday from Raipur.

At company location CRPF informs patients in villages to attend and also issues medicines as prescribed duringtele-medicine conference.

239 Camps held and 4700 treated so far.

Road Construction

Having a firm belief that in order to eradicate insurgency/maoism, we should provide security and act asa catalyst of development in the inaccessible and underdeveloped regions of the country. For this CRPF hasprovided security cover for Road Constructions in LWE affected states of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Suchroads are as under:-

Narayanpur to Chote Dongar road (45 km), Near Halami Munjmeta
Avapalli - Basaguda, Bijapur ( 20 Kms)
Aranpur - Sameli, Dantewada (20 Kms)
Konta - Injiram, Sukma (10 km)
Sukma - Kukanar - Tongpal (25 km)
Near Bhairamgarh, Bijapur
Bijapur-Bhopalpatnam (56 Km)
Tirilposi - Sagjori (15 km), On Digha axis, Chaibasa district
Jhumara - Rahwan road Giridih (20 km)
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